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Installing DISE Cloud, you will need:

Pre-install considerations

Lightbulb.png Note: If you are interested in trying out DISE Server first before installing it on your end, please contact support.

I recommend reading the part on preparing for the installation first, especially the part about DISE Cloud. At the core of the Cloud system is DISE Server. Server may be setup:

  • As a hosted solution
In this case, the server installation and maintenance is handled externally. Players connect to it over the internet.
  • In a LAN.
A server is installed locally and players connect over LAN connections. Server installation and maintenance is handled internally.

How many networks will Server handle? A "network" is a collection of players, playlists and web users, and is generally synonymous with "customer". The amount of concurrent users has implications for which hardware to select and the nature of the setup. Naturally, all players need access, but if it is required to run internally on their network, Server can be setup to allow only local access.


All installations of DISE Cloud begin with the installation of a DISE Server. Once Server is setup, player installations may be done.

Install Server

Info.png Main article: DISE Server Installation


Use networks to separate Server into manageable units, for instance per customer. An account in DISE Server is generally tied to a specific network - although the "admin" user created during Server installation is a superadmin or multi-network user. Each network will have its own landing page, users, and players. A default network is created during Server installation and you can use that if you know you will only have need of a single network.

By default you can find the Control Panel on "http://<server-ip-or-hostname>/?ds=controlpanel".


  • Click Networks and then the Add link to create a new network.


  • Type in a name and click Save to create the network. You may customize a few things for a network, such as the logo to be shown, by clicking the network and select Edit.
As mentioned above, users are tied to a network and as such needs to be setup while logged into the network itself.

Add-on licenses

You will need to license any add-ons that should be active on the network. At the moment, you will need to contact DISE to get a license file.

Info.png Read more: Licensing#DISE_Cloud

  • To access your newly created network, click the network in the Networks section and then click Get Login Link. Paste the URL in your browser.



  • Login to your new network using the admin account.


  • Go to System > Users and click the Add link to start adding new users to your network.


A User has a role that stipulates what should be visible in the interface. The standard "User" role will not include the System tab when the user logs in, whereas the "Admin" role will. Permissions further specify what the user may see and do.

Install players

Info.png Read more: DISE Premium installation

You have a number of options to add players to your Cloud system. You can use a PC with preconfigured software, or manually setup the player. DISE Server is able to generate player installers that contain all details to connect.

Player licenses

Player licenses are generated and added to Server. They are unique to a particular Server and so can't be moved or hijacked. Licenses can easily be attached or detached from a player and may be time-limited. If a player is unlicensed it will display a "Please license this player" message but will otherwise work as normal.

Info.png Read more: Licensing#DISE_Cloud


Install a manager

Installing and connecting DISE Composer to DISE Server means you can upload DISE Movie or templates. Use DISE Bridge to distribute content and bypass the content creation in DISE Server's web interface.

DISE Composer

Go into the Project properties by selecting File > Options > Project properties and select the DISE Server tab.


Check Connect to DISE Server and enter the DISE Server address or host name and port below (do not include "http://"). Enter the server network to use if you have more than one on your server.

Select the Interface tab.


Under Publish method, select "DISE Server". Then click Ok.

To upload a DISE Movie to Server, click the Publish to DISE Server button PublishToDISEServerButton.png in the ribbon.

Info.png Read more: DISE Movies, working with

DISE Bridge

A destination created in DISE Bridge may be uploaded to Server. The players in the Server system will still use the "old" file server as set up in the destination.

Lightbulb.png Note: Players will need to have access to the file server.

In Bridge, edit the project:

  • Select the File > Options tab and click Project properties.
  • Go to the DISE Server tab.


  • Check Connect to server and type in the URL and port to connect to Server.
  • Click Ok.
  • When you create a new destination, you will have a dialog appear asking if you want to add the destination to DISE Server.



  • In the player in DISE Server, go to the edit dialog by clicking on the Edit icon in the player details.


  • Select Display scheme


  • In the text field below, search for the name of your destination.
  • Publish the changes made to the player, by going to the Dashboard.

Manager licenses

Depending on which software you are using on the manager, you need the appropriate licenses. Currently manager licenses are not handled by Server and so you need to activate managers separately.

Info.png Read more: Licensing

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