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A DISE cloud system takes a holistic approach and provides everything from installation, monitoring, content creation, statistics and follow-up.

Management through DISE cloud is possible for different types of players:

  • DISE Xpress
  • DISE Smart
  • DISE Premium

Users access the system through an intuitive web UI, using any device (PC, smart phone, tablet) and their favorite web browser. Once logged in, users may have specific roles in the system, which determine what they may or may not do. They can see their players' status and control them. Different software delivery models are permitted - DISE Server may be installed locally or be offered as a hosted solution.

A cloud-enabled system consists of:

  • DISE Server
Server software running on a central Windows PC. It is the hub around which the entire system revolves.

Info.png Read more: DISE Server

  • Player
A playback device, communicating with DISE Server.
  • Manager
A Windows PC running DISE Composer.
  • Playlist
A sequence of media files (videos, images) and/or DISE Movies.
  • User
An individual with a login in DISE Server.
  • Network
An organizational unit consisting of a number of users and players. A network may represent a customer or a subsection. A single instance of DISE Server is able to serve multiple networks.
  • Permission
A rule that allows a user or group of users to only see or edit certain information, such as a playlist, a player, or group of players.
  • Add-on
An optional functionality in the server, for instance hardware monitoring/control or ad campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to start using DISE cloud?
If you are a reseller, first off you will need to setup a Windows Server PC (to run DISE Server). Whether this will be hosted by you or by a hosting provider is entirely up to you.
Secondly you will need a plan on how to offer it. Please contact our sales team if you want to discuss different variations.
If you are a customer, please contact your local reseller.
  • What operating systems are supported?
The DISE Server base system needs to run on a Windows Server machine. Players (see below) are running Windows (DISE Premium), Smart TVs (DISE Xpress) or Android (DISE Smart). Users of the system log in via the web interface (and can be on any operating system and any device).
  • Is the cloud solution a streaming solution?
No. You will need a stand-alone Windows PC, smart-TV or Android device with DISE software (a player) to display the message. Players are responsible for playing back playlists of content that has been downloaded from DISE Server. Server is responsible for storage, settings, and statistics and is not itself a playback engine. For streaming capabilities, please see DISE Broadcaster.

Info.png Read more: DISE Broadcaster

  • Can a single Server serve multiple clients?
Yes! That is what networks are for. They form collections of players, playlists and users.

How it works

DISE Server

The DISE Server base system is installed on a central Windows Server PC. DISE Server takes care of :

  • Content storage & distribution
Content is uploaded and stored on the server - no need for external file servers.
  • Database management
All data is stored in internal databases. Server keeps track of all events and connections in the system and players. We can also export information for use in reports, charts etc.
  • Player communication
Players and Server are constantly connected. Updates go through instantly.
  • Licensing
Modules and players in the system need to be licensed. Licenses are tied to a particular DISE Server and can never be moved or used with another.


Players either come preconfigured with DISE installed, ready to go, or are installed from installer packages which are created by Server. An installer is prepared automatically by Server, with all settings required. An installed player will start communicating as soon as it starts. All further configuration of players is done from Server's web interface. During installation players automatically report in what hardware (screens, graphics ports, etc) they have. Hardware abstraction makes it easier to replace players. Software on the player runs as non-interactive services - all configuration is done server-wise. Players will:

  • Download new content from Server.
  • Immediately react to changes made server-side, such as a change of resolution.
  • Report in system information and what they are playing.
  • Control attached screens.
  • Restart the playback or reboot the device if required.

Web interface


DISE Server provides a web interface which gives users control over the system's current settings and status. Users reach the web interface by browsing to Server's IP address. Depending on screen size, the web interface is flexibly resizing - you are able to get the same experience on a 320x480 smartphone as on a 1920x1080 desktop screen.

Content distribution

You have two options to distribute your content to players:

A DISE manager may be connected to Server, allowing you to PublishToDISEServerButton.png publish DISE Movies, templates and other content for use in the web UI. Alternatively, content distribution can be handled outside of DISE Server altogether, using a regular FTP server.


Info.png Read more: Licensing#DISE Cloud

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