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DISE Server is the central administration point in a DISE Cloud system. Server provides everything from installation to monitoring, content creation, statistics and follow-up. Users access Server via an intuitive web interface, using any device (PC, smart phone, tablet) and their favorite web browser! Once logged in, users may have specific roles in the system, which determine what they may or may not do. Server provides different software delivery models - it may be installed locally or be offered as a hosted solution.

How it works

Backend, frontend


DISE Server is a software that is installed on a server PC. It provides a backend which handles

  • Content storage & distribution
Content is uploaded and stored on the server. That means no need for any external file servers.
  • Database management
Everything is structured in internal databases. Server keeps track of all events and interconnections in the system and on the players. We can export information to use in reports, etc.
  • Player communication
Players and server keep a constant, two-way line for information to flow. Updates go through instantly and without hassle.
  • Licensing

The backend is completely self-contained - there is no need to install any auxiliary software, such as a database server. The backend is installed as a Windows service.


For web users, Server implements a frontend - this presents the users with a view of the system's current settings and status. The frontend in turn talks to the backend through the use of an API. The frontend is also a Windows service and is built on the Node.js framework. Depending on screen size, the UI is flexibly resizing, and you are able to get the same Server experience on a 320x480 smartphone as on a 1920x1080 desktop screen.

Info.png Read more: DISE Server User Interface


Players communicate with Server via a process called DISE Control Center. It is typically installed and automatically started on a player. Control Center is responsible for starting any helper processes it needs, such as content downloads and playback, as well as reporting status and statistical data. When a change is made Server-wise, Control Center will be told instantly and perform any changes required.

Hardware Abstraction

When DISE Control Center registers into Server, the hardware details of the device (PC, Android, etc) are also registered. The hardware is loosely connected to a player in Server - this means that players may be disconnected or reconnected to a different hardware. This makes it simple to replace a player. Simply register the new hardware into Server and tell the player to use the new hardware instead. All settings, content, statistics, log and status history will automatically be communicated and applied on the new device!


Modules and players in the system need to be licensed. Licenses are tied to a particular DISE Server and can never be moved or used with another.

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