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Each DISE Cloud player has at the hub of its activity the DISE Control Center. Control Center controls and monitors the services (applications) running, their settings and outputs, and also, what hardware and devices are available to the player. This information is relayed to DISE Server. In a sense Control Center is an extension to Server - when a setting is changed centrally, Control Center is responsible for actuating the change locally.

Control Center.png

Screen and power control

Control Center is also responsible for sending and receiving control information to/from screens, and to direct the players' power schedule, whereas the administration is done in DISE Server.

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In Server-abled installations, Control Center is installed first. The most important thing is how to connect to Server - information which will come preconfigured in the installer.

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During normal operation, DISE Control Center will make sure that the correct number of application instances are running at all times, restarting them if they are interrupted for any reason. Applications such as Replay and Probe are auxiliary to the function of Control Center - for instance, when the player is setup with two outputs, Control Center needs to initialize two instances of Replay. This is done automatically and without the need for user interaction.


Context menu


Connect to Server and download updated player information.

Pause (Resume)

Temporarily interrupt Control Center's normal operation. It will not automatically start playback until Resume is selected.


Exits Control Center. Generally Control Center will start automatically on next system startup.