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Gather information

Please make sure to gather as much information as you can prior to sending it on to support. This saves both yours and our time.

Below please find a comprehensive list of things that make finding the issue out easier:

  • Application name, version information (build/beta/update?), when it was last installed.
  • Information about if the problem has happened only once or several times and possibly regularly.
  • Describe how your configuration is set up.
  • Information about any changes made to the setup recently.
  • Information on what type of content you wish to play.
    • When you have video issues, in what format, resolution and bitrate is it?
  • Full description of the problem, including relevant pictures, log files and timestamps.
  • On Windows 7+, a helpful tool is the Problem steps recorder.

Info.png Read more: How do I use Problem Steps Recorder?

  • When it comes to log files, we prefer it if you could send us log from DebugView. If DebugView log is hard to get, the in-application log could also work.

Info.png Read more: Collecting log files

  • If the software seems locked or you suspect that an internal part is locked, a memory dump from the task manager or Procdump (Sysinternals) is helpful.

Info.png Read more: Procdump -

  • Use Procdump by opening the Command Prompt (cmd) and navigate to procdump.exe. Write for example "procdump replay.exe" and the dump will be created in the same directory.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to use Process Explorer (Sysinternals). Process Explorer is a more advanced form of the Windows task manager, which you can also see which program has a particular file or directory opened, and which handles and DLL processes are opened.

Info.png Read more: Process Explorer

  • Information about the hardware via dxdiag.
    • If you have Windows 7 or 8, type in "dxdiag" in the start menu search field and click the button on the bottom to save all information in a txt-file which you can send us.
    • If you have Windows XP, click on Start > Run and type in "dxdiag" and click the button on the bottom to save all information in a txt-file which you can send us.
  • In some cases, a video file of the error or strange behavior is the best way to explain the issue.
  • Should a bug report dialog appear, please send it to us via the 'Send' button and explain what happened.
  • If a system restart or bluescreen happens, the Windows event log (application) is interesting to look at.
  • If there is a file under "C:\DiseDump" that matches the time of the error, this would also be interesting to look at.
  • When the issue is about reinstallation/reactivation, please provide us the license keys for the product.
  • We also much appreciate if you can grant us access to log in remotely.

There are several means of contacting the DISE support team. Please always provide your Customer ID (if unsure what yours is, please send us an e-mail).

Trouble Ticket system

On the DISE Support Web you can find our trouble ticket system. This is the fastest way of reaching the support and our answers will also be kept there so that you can reference to them at a later time.


You can always reach us by e-mail. Send an e-mail to and you should receive an answer within a couple of business days.

From within the software

In DISE Composer, selecting File > About > Send system information will let you directly send an issue description, screenshot and system information to us. Remember to specify your contact details so we can come back with an answer.


It is possible to reach us through phone as well, we are available during normal Swedish working hours and you can find the phone numbers on our main web page.

Instant messaging

We are available on IM/Skype as well, please contact us for more details.