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The DISE support web provides a centralized administrative system for our resellers / customers. On the support web, find your (or your customers') license numbers, available downloads and updates, and create trouble tickets for any issues you might have.


To log in, select Customer Login then enter your Customer ID and password. If you haven't received the login details, please contact support. The User Login section is reserved for technical support personnel.

Trouble Tickets

Issuing a trouble ticket is the fastest way to get help. We can answer directly or assign your trouble ticket to the closest responsible person to answer, ensuring you get quick and capable support.


In the downloads section of the support web, you can find demo versions of DISE, DISE updates and beta versions. You also find useful tools to handle various background tasks such as downloading or scripting.

Knowledge base

We prefer keeping the DISE manual online in knowledge base form. A manual is supposed to be a living document to reflect changes in the software. When an update or new version of DISE is released, please refer to this knowledge base for information.

Lightbulb.png Note: Are you missing an article in the knowledge base? Or require the Knowledge Base in a different format? (PDF etc) Please contact support.