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To improve the DISE software and to make sure you get flawless 24/7 digital signage, we are very thankful for your feedback in reporting in any issues you find in the software. In the event the software crashes, an built-in bug reporter will catch the error and present the option to mail the error details to our development or support team. Click the Send bug report button to mail the report to us.


The contact information is how we can get in touch with you if we need more information or quickly provide you with a bugfix.


There is an option to explain what caused the error. We recommend you to give a verbose explanation - part of the steps resolving the bug is reproducing it!


It is also possible to attach a screenshot.


After you have sent in the bug report, you can attempt to continue running the application. Depending on the seriousness of the bug, the software may be able to recover gracefully.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what happened and to provide further information that is helpful to solve the issue.