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The system requirements is generally the same for managers and players.


  • Standard PC.
  • Microsoft Windows 7.

Lightbulb.png Note: DISE Pro managers and players are Windows only.

Info.png Read more: Windows version support

  • Graphic card or graphic chipset (embedded graphics) with DirectX9 and VMR9 support and 128Mb memory.
  • Intel Pentium 4 compatible processor.
  • 512 Mb RAM.
  • 200 Mb available hard drive space.


  • Industrial PC.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 x64 or Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro x64
  • Graphics:
    • Intel Embedded graphics
    • AMD, NVIDIA or Matrox Graphic card (PCI Express)
    With 2Gb memory or more. Zero noise fan less graphic cards are recommended
  • Multiple core processor (Intel Core i5 or similar)
  • 4GB RAM
  • SSD disk with 128GB available hard drive space

Virtual machines?

Generally we don't recommend running DISE Composer or DISE Replay on a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox or Vmware. We cannot guarantee either a good performance or full support of graphics. You may get this error message on startup:


If you still must run the software virtualized, please install the VirtualBox Guest additions or, when using Vmware, Vmware tools.

Laptop notes

Due to the variety of hardware configurations that ship with today's laptop systems it is possible that the DISE Composer or DISE Replay will not work on all laptop models. This is mostly because of memory configurations, their micro-channel architecture and low-end graphic cards that are primarily designed to be used as a workstation computer.

Before installing on a laptop computer, please check that the graphic card is supported. It is also possible for us to investigate a certain laptop to see if it will be able to run DISE, please contact us for more information.

DISE Server

Info.png Main article: System requirements for DISE Server