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DISE Professional/Pro is the distributed version for a networked system. DISE Pro consists of one of each or more of:

  • Manager
The PC where all the content will be created and edited. The software that will be used on the manager is DISE Composer, for content creation, and DISE Bridge, for scheduling and distribution.
  • Player
The PC where the content will be displayed. On the player, DISE Probe, for downloading content, and DISE Replay, for playback, will run 24/7.


Starting with a DISE Pro license you get one manager and one player. Additional players are added with DISE Pro player licenses. The license keys will be tied to the PC they are installed to after having been entered during the setup (in the DISE Setup Wizard).

Info.png Read more: Licensing#DISE Pro

Content distribution

With DISE Pro, you have two options to distribute your content:

  • When your players are on the same local network as the manager, you can use DISE Discover to publish to all or some of these players.


  • When your players are spread out, use DISE Bridge to upload to a file server accessible to the players. They will download all their content from here.


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