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DISE Discover is a feature of DISE Pro allowing you to transfer files directly from the manager to a player without using DISE Bridge. Using DISE Discover, you are limited to playing a single DISE Movie at a time on a given player. You may, however, at any time change what Movie is playing by publishing it.

How it works


  • The manager detects available players on the local network (using the Service Location Protocol, SLP).


  • Once a player has been found and connected to, the manager and player will exchange a username and password to a shared folder located on the player.
  • The manager will connect to the player's shared folder and copy the updated files there.
  • The manager will signal to the player that there is new content.


  • Works over LAN only.
  • Channels, playlists and advanced scheduling is not possible. (Only one DISE Movie at a time)


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