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You will find the latest updates on the DISE Support Web download page.

Can I update freely?

If you have a valid support contract, software updates and bugfixes are included. Note however that upgrading between major versions (that is DISE 1.6 -> DISE 2010 -> DISE 8) is not included in the support contract and also requires you to get new license keys. Please contact sales to get new license keys.

DISE 1.6

If you have DISE 1.6 installed you just have to run the latest DISE 1.6 Update package as this contains all changes. Installing the latest update will never overwrite your settings. If you wish to downgrade to an earlier DISE 1.6 version, then just run that version DISE 1.6 Update package.

Upgrade from DISE 1.6 to DISE 8

At the moment there is no update installer to automatically upgrade from DISE 1.6 to DISE 8. We recommend that you install the newer version as a new installation, and then setup a new system or copy the settings files needed. It is not a problem to have DISE 1.6 and 8 installed simultaneously. We also recommend running the DISE 1.6 content for some time on a newer test player, to make sure that everything is running ok.

Workflow to upgrade from 1.6

  • Install DISE 8.
  • If you want to migrate settings, read below. Otherwise use the DISE Setup Wizard in order to setup the new installation.
  • Make sure that DISE 1.6 is no longer starting up when Windows starts, and that DISE 2010/8 is.
  • Uninstall DISE 1.6 if necessary (#Notes on uninstalling DISE 1.6)

Move Bridge settings (destinations)

This is done on the manager.

  • Close DISE Bridge if open.
  • Copy the files "Bridge.settings" and "Bridge.destinations" located in the "<DISE 1.6 install location>\Bridge\" (commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\Klocktornet\Dise 1.6\Bridge) folder and put it in the "%LOCALAPPDATA%\DISE\DISE 8" folder.

Lightbulb.png Note: On Windows Vista/7/8, "%LOCALAPPDATA%\DISE\DISE 8" equals "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DISE\DISE 8". On Windows XP it is "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\DISE\DISE 8".

Lightbulb.png Note: If UAC (User Account Control) is active, the DISE 1.6 destinations will have been saved in the following folder: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Virtual Store\Program Files (x86)\Klocktornet\Dise 1.6\Bridge"

  • Edit the Bridge.settings file and edit the path to Bridge.destinations to match its new location in %LOCALAPPDATA%\DISE\DISE 8.
  • Start DISE Bridge. It will now convert the old Bridge.settings to the new format.
  • You may now safely remove the Bridge.destinations file, it is no longer necessary.

Info.png Read more: DISE settings files

Move Replay and Probe settings

This is done on the player.

  • Copy the file Settings.ini, located in the <DISE 1.6 install location>\Probe (commonly C:\Program Files\Klocktornet\DISE 1.6\Probe) folder and put it in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\DISE\DISE 8 folder.
  • Rename the file Probe.settings. If there is already a file Probe.settings here, rename it Probe.settings.bak.
  • Copy the file Replay.settings, located in the <DISE 1.6 install location> folder and put it in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\DISE\DISE 8 folder. If there is already a file Replay.settings here, rename it Replay.settings.bak.
  • Now when you start the Probe or Replay applications, your settings will be preserved.

Lightbulb.png Note: If you migrated settings for Probe and Bridge and uploaded / downloading content for 2010 in the old 1.6 folder the old content will be deleted.

Notes on uninstalling DISE 1.6

In the occasion that you uninstall DISE 1.6 after you installing DISE 8, make sure that the filters are re-registered correctly in case the uninstaller unregistered them previously.

Upgrade from DISE 2010 to DISE 8

It is not a problem to have DISE 2010 and 8 installed simultaneously. The installer for DISE 8 will copy the settings for DISE 2010 for use in DISE 8. There is full backwards compatibility between DISE 2010 and 8.


Installing the latest update will never overwrite your settings.

Info.png Read more: Remote Updates

Check for updates

In the start menu, as well as in DISE Composer's Help menu, there is an option Check for updates. Provided you have an internet connection this will check if the software installed on your computer is the latest one available. If not, it will let you download an update.

Using beta versions

To install a beta version, for instance to fix a specific bug, you should first apply the latest update that comes before that beta version. Then just run the beta version installer.

To revert back to the latest stable version just run the latest update file.