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In Composer, you specify what information to display, how it will be displayed, and in some cases when the information is going to be displayed, and gather all this information in a single document called a DISE Movie.

Using the Composer's graphical user interface, you drag and drop Objects onto your screen. For example, an object can be a video file. Once put in a DISE Movie, objects can be enriched with Effects and Movements.

Working with content spanning multiple screens is just as easy as with one screen using Screen definitions.

You can split information in a DISE Movie up into Scenes. This is a natural way of organizing what objects to be displayed. Each scene has its own display time, but you can also set individual times for objects in the scene.

Whether you want to divide your movie into lots of short scenes or a single long scene is up to you. With that said if there is a lot of information to display it is convenient to distribute it over several scenes.

You can set Transitions between scenes or objects in a movie. Transitions are eye-catching effects or movement to attract a viewer’s attention.