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Add and Delete a Scene

There are a number of ways to add and delete scenes to your DISE Movie. The easiest way is to use the Add AddSceneButton.png/ Delete DeleteSceneButton.png buttons on the scene view.

Another way to add a new scene is to import previously exported scenes. This is an easy way of moving scenes between DISE Movies. The options to Import and Export a Scene can be found under the Movie menu.

Switch between scenes

You may click the Page Up / Page Down keys to switch to the next / previous scene.

Drag-and-drop Objects onto a Scene


From the File browser or the Library tab to the left, you can add objects to your scene by drag-and-drop operations. On the left you will see icons of the objects (image, video etc.) When you click on an object, information about that object is shown at the left-top.

Creating Objects on a Scene


If the type of object you want to have on your scene does not exist in your library, you might want to create a new object. Change to the Objects tab, select the object you want to create and draw a rectangle on the edit area where you want your object to appear.

Modifying Objects in a Scene

To modify an object, first click on the object you want to alter. The object will be marked by small black “handles” around it. The size, position and color of the object can be edited directly in the main screen with the help of the small handles and the color palette.

Common settings for all kinds of objects are collected in the Object Properties to the right of the edit area. If the Object Properties toolbox is not displayed, select View->Windows->Object Properties in the ribbon.

Some object-specific features, such as font and text alignment will appear in a tool bar above the edit area.

More advanced settings for an object can be altered by right-clicking and selecting the feature you want from a sub-menu. The same features also appear in the Edit menu.

Playback of Scenes

To preview the scene you are editing, just press the Play current scene button PlayCurrentSceneButton.png located on the ribbon at the top, or hit button F11.

It is also possible to preview some of the scenes, by selecting the Scenes you would like to preview in the scene view and press the F10 button (Play selected Scenes).

Scene Properties

Detailed settings about a scene can be specified on the scene properties dialog which you can reach on the Movie > Scene properties menu or via right-clicking a scene and select Scene properties.


Between scenes, you can put eye-catching transitions. DISE allows you to select from a number of different transitions.