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The DISE Android player is an alternative to a Windows player in a DISE Cloud system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Android player play everything?

A: No. The Android player will support a subset of the DISE Movies that is created in DISE Composer, as well as video and images restricted to certain formats.

Q: Will the Android player work with DISE Bridge?

A: No. The Android player will not accept content from Bridge. The only way to distribute content to an Android player is via DISE Server. This means the content can be made using Composer or directly in the DISE Server web interface.

Q: Will the Android player work on device X?

A: There is a big diversity of hardware with differing capabilities. The best way to find out would be for us to get hold of the device in order to certify it. We will make public the list of certified and recommended hardware. Please contact support for more information.

Q: How do I get hold of the Android player software?

A: The Android player will not be available through the official Android software channels. Rather, DISE will supply preconfigured images with the player software on it. This since (see the question above) the software may need to be customized and optimized for each device.

Q: Will I be able to mix Android players and Windows players in my Cloud system?

A: Yes. Please be aware, however, that Android players may support only a subset of the content available to Windows players.

Q: Can Android players be synchronized?

A: Yes. We have been working hard on achieving frame synchronization on Android players, which still require them to be on the same local network.

Q: How about support for dynamic information? Something similar to data connections?

A: Yes. There is also the possibility to have Server convert text or other information into a format that the device is able to display.


The Android player startup requires as little work from the user as possible. The player will start automatically when the device powers up. The first time it is started, the user will be asked how to connect to DISE Server. The questions will be presented as easily understood images. In detail, the procedure is as follows:

  • The user starts the device.
  • The DISE service is started automatically.
  • The service detects that no previous connection details exist.
  • An initializing... screen is shown. It covers the entire screen. During this time, the resources needed to setup the DISE Server connection is prepared.


  • The next screen is presented to the user. In this screen, the user is asked to input:
  • The FQDN or IP of the server (e.g. "diseserver.net")
  • The network name (e.g. "DEFAULT")
  • An admin username and password.


  • A screen that shows whether the connection was a success or not is shown. If the network is down or the credentials incorrect, the user can click

Back to go back to the previous screen.

  • The service starts the playback.


  • A tutorial playlist is displayed, showing what the user should do next.
  • The player is registered into server, with a name which has been prespecified by the vendor. The vendor name will be presented to the user, so that it can be found in Server.


  • You can select the player and take a look at its details.


Add content

  • Create a playlist to be used by the player.
  • Add content that can be played on the player.

Lightbulb.png Note: File_format_support#Android player lists the permitted formats for the Android player. DISE Server will enforce these formats for the specific player brand and model.

  • Change the playlist to be used by the newly created player by clicking Options in the upper right corner, then Edit.
  • Type in the name of the playlist and select it under Playlist.


  • Click Save to save the player.
  • Publish the change by going into the Dashboard and publish.

Upload content from Composer

Whenever you upload content using Composer to DISE Server, Composer will also create an Android-specific version of the DISE Movie.