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Content pools replace the previous concept of multiple external scenes. They add the possibility to dynamically create scenes from content that may not be known at the time of design. A content pool contains references to media files or previously exported scene files. A content pool is saved with a .disecontentpool extension.

Info.png Read more: File format support

Create a content pool


  • Click Create new content pool.


  • In this dialog, you may add files by clicking Add.
Move the files with the Move up/down buttons to change the playlist order of the files.
This text file is simply one file to be loaded each line.

Example.png Data connected playlist:


  • Click Ok and you get to choose where to save the content pool.
By default this will be in the Library folder.

Using a content pool

  • In the Scene Properties, select the External scenes tab, click Import scene(s) from content pool, then Browse to select a disecontentpool file.

The scene will take one item from the content pool every time it is displayed, covering the full screen with the default object length. In the dependencies for the DISE Movie, you can see that the dependency is for the .disecontentpool file, not the files in it. This means the content pool keeps its own dependencies, and is updated independently.

Multiple scenes, single content pool

When you have multiple scenes sharing the same content pool, they will take one item from the content pool at a time. So, given the two scenes S1 and S2 share the pool with content C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, the playback order is S1 - C1, S2 - C2, S1 - C3, S2 - C4, S1 - C5 and so on.