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The test image, reached from the Output Settings in DISE Replay or DISE Composer is a good and effective way of configuring your display to achieve the best image quality.

TestImage 0.jpg

The F1 key controls the scrolling ticker. Pressing it repeatedly will increase its speed or turn it off. This is useful to make sure that the frame rate is satisfactory - the ticker scrolls smoothly from right to left.

Info.png Read more: Stuttering_playback

The F2 key controls a moving, transparent image. Pressing it repeatedly will increase its speed or turn it off.

TestImage 1.jpg

The F3 key controls what background is shown. The various backgrounds aid you in

  1. Finding the borders of the display.
  2. Finetuning the white/black contrast of the display.
  3. Find the correct aspect of the display by making sure that the circle is completely round.
  4. When pixel-to-pixel correlation is vital (for instance when using LED screens), affirming that the 1 pixel wide lines in the Test image are 1 pixel wide on the screen.

TestImage 2.png

TestImage 3.png

TestImage 4.png

If possible, use auto adjust or similar function on your display to make sure that the display will show the image in as good quality as possible.

Lightbulb.png Note: The test image is also a good way of pinning down display issues, as it is being rendered in a different way then normal playback.

To exit the test image, press the Escape key on your keyboard or right-click the window.