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The most common reason for stuttering whilst playing content in DISE Replay or DISE Composer is that the display (Plasma, CRT, LCD...) does not use the frame-sync signal sent out from the graphic card.

Test Function

The easiest way to confirm this behavior is to use the Test function of the Output Settings dialog.
The test image that becomes visible will run a ticker, and if that ticker runs smoothly then you can assume that the display is using the frame-sync signals sent from the graphic card.


When selecting your resolution, it is recommended to use a resolution with the refresh rate of 60Hz, this means that DISE will produce 60 frames each second and that the display needs to display 60 frames each second, a higher refresh rate means that DISE has to produce more frames each second.

For most LCD and Plasma displays the refresh-rate does not matter that much and 60Hz will work very well. For CRT displays 60Hz may cause the image to flicker.

Some Projectors, LCDs, Plasmas and also some mixing equipment have an image processor that will change the image on the fly, this can remove the frame-sync altogether, resulting in stuttering playback.
In some of this equipment it is possible to switch of the image processing features and use the image as it is instead.

To find out what resolution and frame sync that gives the best performance on your Player/Manager test different modes using the Test feature of the Output Settings dialog.
To create custom resolutions you can use the Power Strip tool or create custom resolutions using the NVIDIA drivers.

Lightbulb.png Note: There are displays that does not use the incoming frame-sync signal at all, for example most Pioneer Plasmas seems to use an internal clock of 70Hz.

Lightbulb.png Note: The frame-sync will not always work in Windowed mode.