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If you change manager, or simply want to edit content on two different managers you will need to move the content between two (or more) managers.

Copy DISEContent

The easiest way to do this is when you have used the DISEContent directory that DISE will automatically default to using. If you save all content in this directory you can then just copy this directory and put that on another computer, in the same location.

Export to zip

Single DISE Movies can be exported to a zip file. This file may be transferred and extracted on another PC. Since the files in the zip file are saved with their relative paths intact, you can start working with the DISE Movie directly.

Export destination

If you want to copy data from other directories than DISEContent or if you just want to copy the data that is required for a specific DISE Movie, then you can use DISE Bridge to export the files. Use an existing destination, or create a new destination in DISE Bridge adding the DISE Movie(s) that you want to export. Next select Edit Destination > Export Files and select the directory to export to.

This will export into the same structure as you would get when sending out the content to a destination, but will always export all the files. To put these files onto another manager you have two options.

  1. Put the files as they are, and setup a search directory in DISE Composer settings pointing at the directory that contains the .displayscheme file, as this will help DISE Composer load all the files directly from this structure.
  2. In the exported directory (the one with the .displayscheme file) you will have a number of directories each named by the drive letter on the manager. So just take all the files in the C directory and move/copy them to your C drive, and so on. You will now have the exact same directory structure as on the source PC, and can load the DISE Movie without any problems.