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A zip archive is a simple, flexible way to transfer content from one place to another. In DISE Composer, you have an option to export a DISE Movie with all its dependencies into a single zip file. The zip preserves the relative paths of files, meaning you can unzip the archive in any other directory and playback or edit the content with no or few additional changes needed.


In DISE Composer, select File > Export > Export to zip..


Output file

The zip archive to write to.

Local files

How the files are located locally.

Output archive

How the files will be located in the zip archive.


Pack the content and create the zip file.

Lightbulb.png Note: When you have a lot of content, this can take a while.


Close the dialog.


Remember that while fonts will be exported to the zip file, you want to add the "Fonts" subdirectory to the fonts tab in DISE Replay or in DISE Composer, or copy the zipped fonts to your existing Fonts directory.