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DISE Bridge

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DISE Replay

DISE Movies reference the actual files and therefore it is vital that the files are actually there locally else the content will be invisible. One of the most common issues is when you have data connected a text file to your DISE Movie and the file can not be found on the player.

During playback DISE Replay will look for a file in several places.

  1. If the file is a URL the file will be downloaded and put in the DISE temporary directory.
  2. In the same directory as the display scheme are in including the path from DISE Composer.
  3. In the same directory as the display scheme.
  4. In all the directories added in DISE Replay.
  5. If the file was not found anywhere above the original path used in DISE Composer are used.

If the DISE Replay option Prefer Local Files is selected then the above process will be reversed.


If a file (news ticker text for example) is put into the DISE Composer from C:\News\Ticker.txt it will by default look for this file in the following directories (display scheme located in the C:\Content directory):

  1. C:\Content\C\News\
  2. C:\Content
  3. <Any other directories added>\C\News\
  4. <Any other directories added>\
  5. C:\News\

It is important that if you want the file to be read from the C:\News\Ticker.txt located on the player PC you should not have this file located in any of the other directories above.