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A DISE Movie consists of references to files and how to render them. The files that a DISE Movie needs in order to display correctly are called dependencies. At certain times DISE Bridge needs to check the integrity of dependencies. If Bridge detects that a DISE Movie has broken dependencies, it will alert this fact, and not allow you to send out the content until you resolve the missing files.

Lightbulb.png Note: A common example of this occuring is if you have media on a removable disk which you have put in a DISE Movie. When you try to send it out at a later time when the removable disk is not present, the media files cannot be found, so the dependencies are broken.

Sending failed

When distributing content you get the following message:

Bridge Missing files message.png

Go to the Log tab and look for a listing of one or more missing files:

Bridge Missing files log.png

Identify/relocate missing files

You will notice next to the DISE Movie in the display scheme, a red color and "n/a" Update Size.

Bridge Missing files.png

To resolve the missing files the easiest way it to first use the Dependencies dialog to locate which files are missing, and in which DISE Movies they are. So right click on the DISE Movie that shows a red Update Size, and select Show Dependencies.

Bridge Missing files dependencies.png

In the Dependencies dialog that now appears you may look for the offending dependency - it will be marked in red.

Either use DISE Composer to change the content to restore the missing file, or see if you can restore the missing files from somewhere else.

If you know that the missing files are not important, and want to force the update, it is possible to disable the option Halt on missing files in the DISE Bridge Preferences, as this will then just ignore the files that are missing. This is however not recommended as this can result in content not playing correctly or content missing.

DISE Movie has been moved

You may experience this issue when the DISE Movie has been moved from one location to another. The dependencies file may still point to the old location. Solve it by opening the DISE Movie in Composer and save it. In the majority of cases this will be enough to update its dependencies correctly.

Bridge unresponsive or slow

In some cases, working with Bridge in an environment with a lot of files located on the network, the dependency verification time may be large.