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Lets you specify custom font settings in detail. Can be reached by klicking the font details button from any object that uses text, such as Text, Ticker, Table or Clock objects.



The font is selected using a name and an optional style. If you select a style, the selection will override previous bold / italic selections.

The preview area will show you how your selected options and effects will look like.


Different X-Size

Make the font wider or smaller in the X-direction.


Render the font outlined. The outline width can be specified.

Dashed line

Render the outline with a dashed line. The dash length can be specified. (Only when Outline is selected)


Render a non-italic font as italic.


Render the font deskewed in the Y-direction

Char Rotation

Rotate the chars. The angle can be specified.

Char Spacing

Increase or decrease (by putting a negative value) the spacing between the chars.

Row Spacing

Increase or decrease (by putting a negative value) the spacing between the rows.

Character Case

Force the characters to be upper- or lower-case.


There are a number of render effects to choose from.
Only one effect can be applied at the time.

Alternative font engine

Sometimes, the font support provided by DISE is not enough. For instance when Middle Eastern languages are used and the font should have a RTL (right-to-left text direction). For this purpose, there is a compatibility mode that is enabled by checking the Microsoft compatible DrawText checkbox. Now, the text in this text object is instead handled by Windows own text routines.

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