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Show a channel with variable

In this example, we have a video object in one channel that will trigger another channel to appear while it is playing. We begin by creating the DISE Movies in DISE Composer.

  • Create a new DISE Movie.
  • In the scene view, insert 2 additional scenes.


  • Insert a different image in all 3 scenes.
  • In the second scene, also insert a video object.


  • Select the video object and click the Interactivity tab in the ribbon, then select Advanced events.


  • In the bottom of the dialog, under Variables set during playback, click Add.


  • Enter "Trigger" under Name, and "Text" under Value.
  • Click Ok twice.
  • Save the DISE Movie as "Trigger.disemovie".
  • Create a new DISE Movie that we want to show during the video.
  • Insert a Text Object and enter the text "New channel".
  • Save the DISE Movie as "Text.disemovie".

We proceed to Bridge to create the destination and channels.

  • Create a destination and give it a name.
  • In the "Main" channel, put the "Trigger.disemovie".
  • Create a new channel and call it "Text".
  • Put "Text.disemovie" in the channel "Text".
  • Right click the "Text" channel and select Schedule.
  • Go to the Variables tab and click the plus button.


  • Under Name type in "Trigger", under Condition select "is set to value" and type in "Text" under Value.
  • Click Ok and then Add>>.
  • Click Ok and then distribute the destination.