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With some graphic card configurations you can experience garbled or incorrect colors when playing Windows Media Video files.

Intel Graphics

Most likely driver error, Intel are informed about this issue. Please make sure that you upgrade to the latest version of the drivers for the graphic card. A solution would be to use another format than Windows Media Video or to try out different Windows Media Codecs to see which one works the best.


On ATI cards the easiest way to solve this problem is corrected by going into the Catalyst Control Center and in the Video / All Settings (or Avivo Video / All Settings) to un-check the Windows Media Video Acceleration check-box.

NVIDIA or ATI (Windows XP)

Install or upgrade to at least Windows Media Player 10.
Install hotfix Update for DRM-enabled Media Players (KB891122).
Install hotfix FIX: Update to enable DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) of Windows Media Video content in Windows Media Player 10.

Clear video cache

DISE Composer will cache the first frame of loaded video files to save some time, so if you have loaded video files that have their colors incorrectly shown. Go to DISE Composer's temp directory (usually "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\DISE\DISE 8\Composer") and delete all files.