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Below is a checklist for common problems concerning downloads.

Unable to reach the server.

  • The request times out. You get a 426 Timeout error back from the server. This is the server that closes the connection because the request took to long. Please troubleshoot the firewall, it may be that it blocks a particular port or connection.

Info.png Read more: List of FTP server return codes -

  • The network connection to the server may be down for some reason.
  • There is a blocking firewall in the way, or a misconfigured router. Please consult with your network staff to exclude this error source.
    • If there is an option for "FTP ALG" in the router, make sure it is enabled.
Application-level gateway - Wikipedia

Info.png Read more: FileZilla Server - Troubleshooting

  • The server ignores the request because it already serves the maximum number of connections. Often the maximum number is adjustable on the server. It is also more likely to occur if the requests come very often - increasing the time to wait before downloading again (on all players) will typically solve this issue.
  • The FTP server uses Active FTP. In DISE Probe, go into Advanced FTP Settings tab in the download location preferences, and select Active FTP under FTP connection mode.
  • The FTP server requires secure authentication. Certificate settings are found in the Advanced FTP Settings tab in the download location preferences.

Lightbulb.png Note: When having FTP issues we recommend trying another FTP client such as FileZilla Client to see if the issue is DISE-specific.

  • The Computer Browser windows service is stopped. Right-click My Computer and click Manage, then go to Services and applications > Services. Right-click the Computer Browser service and select Start.
  • The password used to log on to the file server has expired. Please check the user properties on the server.
  • Reset the WinSock stack by opening an elevated (Run as administrator) command window and type the following:
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset

Enough disk space

Do you have enough space on the player? Remember that by default, DISE Bridge will not remove files from the server so there may be a lot of data that is not being used that is safe to remove, either by using Bridge, or manually.

Verify account and file permissions

The account running Probe may not have valid permissions to connect to, read from the server, or to write to the destination folder. If the player is a member of a domain, you will have to include the domain, like this: DOMAIN\USER. It is important to verify that both NTFS and file share permissions are correctly setup. It might also be the case that DISE was installed using an account with a higher level of permissions than the one currently running DISE. In this case use the same account that installed DISE and see if that rids the problem, or change the download folder to, for instance, a subfolder of My Documents that this account will be able to write to.

Check file and disk integrity

If the download gets stuck on a certain file(s), please go into the and server and check that the file is not corrupted. If it is not needed any more (it is not in the destination dependencies), then you can safely delete it from the server. When you suspect that the file server disk has errors, check and repair it using Windows built-in tools.

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Invalid filenames

When transferring from certain FTP servers there may be issues with filenames containing special characters such as "$". Make sure that files on the FTP server have names without special characters.

Check for indefinite locking

The download process in is as follows:

  1. DISE Probe downloads files to a temporary folder
  2. Once all files are downloaded, they are moved to the destination folder. If a file is currently being used, it is not replaced immediately but the new file gets an "_updated" suffix.
  3. At a time chosen by DISE Replay, the old file will be replaced by the _updated file.

In some rare cases the old files will not be updated. If this should happen, stop playback, exit Replay and let Probe download. Since now Replay will not be using the files everything will be updated immediately.

Temporary files

The temporary file directory is found in the Advanced Settings tab in the download location preferences. It is normally %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\DISE\DISE 8\Probe\<GUID>. Make sure that Probe has write access to this folder. Remove files here and Probe will download them again.

Files are missing from the remote folder

Normally, Probe just goes ahead and downloads everything in the remote folder. But in the cases when a filelist is used, it is being explicitly told what to download. If the filelist is incorrect because a file it refers to is unreachable, the download will fail. Do a new send in Bridge to rebuild the filelists.