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DISE Composer and DISE Replay have several functions to display information about the playback and the inner workings of the application. The information can be useful if you need to fine-tune the playback, or if you are trying to locate some playback problem.

Info.png Read more: Resource loading

You will find all the information-specific dialogs under the Information menu (in both DISE Composer and DISE Replay).

Resource Information

DISEReplay ImageResourceInfo.png

The Resource Information dialogs display information about all the loaded resources in the system. You can get the current state of a certain resource as well as information about when it did last load or play.

Downloads Information

DISEReplay DownloadInfo.png

The Downloads Information dialog display information about all the files in the DISE system that is managed by the File Download Engine in DISE.

Update Files Information

DISEReplay UpdateFilesInfo.png

The Update Files Information dialog displays information about the state of all files that are monitored for updates by the DISE system.