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A way to make content updates simple is to set up a hot folder which is linked to one or more players. This is achieved by doing two things:

  1. Setting up DISE Probe on the player to download and list files in the folder.
  2. Displaying the contents of the folder by use of data connections.

Setting up Probe

This will need to be done on the player. Below I'm assuming that the folder is on a network location, here the share "\\\content\images". I also assume that there is a destination with normal content already set up.

Create the script

Copy the below script and save it as "C:\DISEContent\filelist.cmd".

Example.png Example:

@echo off
set INCLUDE=.*$
for /f "tokens=*" %%R in ('dir /b/a-d "%~1" ^| findstr /i "%INCLUDE%"') do echo %~1\%%R >> "%~2.temp"
copy /y "%~2.temp" "%~2"
del "%~2.temp"

Create a new download location for the images

  • In Probe, click Settings > Preferences and in the Download locations tab, click Add.
  • Type in "Hot folder" for Name.
  • Under Source directory I enter "\\\content\images".
  • Under Destination directory, I enter "C:\DISEContent\Content\Images".
  • Select the Advanced settings tab.
  • Check Execute the following commands when the transfer has completed successfully, and below type in

Example.png Example:

C:\DISEContent\Content\filelist.cmd C:\DISEContent\Content\Images C:\DISEContent\Content\filelist.txt

Lightbulb.png Note: The command should be on a single line. Additionally, the filelist location should not be in the image download folder (since Probe will then remove it)

The first parameter to the script, "C:\DISEContent\Content\Images" will be the folder to list files for, and the second parameter, "C:\DISEContent\Content\filelist.txt" will be where to save the filelist.
This causes Probe to run the filelist script for the folder whenever it has downloaded or removed new content, which means the filelist will always be updated.


Create content

  • In DISE Composer, insert a list object.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Click Connect data.
  • Under Text file name, type in "C:\DISEContent\Content\filelist.txt".

Lightbulb.png Note: Remember that this file doesn't need to be present on the manager.

  • Click Ok.
  • You may change under Default duration how long an image should show.
  • Set a fade transition by typing in 1 under Transition.
  • Click Ok.
  • Save the DISE Movie.


Distribute the DISE Movie to the player. Remember that since the DISE Movie contains a data connection to the text file with the filelist (filelist.txt), this file will not be sent out and assumed to be on the player.


  • Put some files in the image folder, in my case "\\\content\images".
  • After a little while, Probe will have picked up the new files and created a filelist of the downloaded content.
  • This filelist is then used to load the list object with content.