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The barcode object will create an image coded to represent a text string. The image on the screen can be scanned to retrieve the text string, for instance a link to a product web site, a product code, or an email address.

Creating a Barcode object

In the Objects tab, double-click on the icon (QR or DataMatrix, see below) or click it and draw where you want it on the edit area. A dialog asking for the initial string to create the barcode from is presented. You may later right-click the object and select Edit to edit the specific settings for the image.



Insert a QR (Quick Response) code image in your scene.

Info.png Read more: QR Code -

Data Matrix


Inserts a Data Matrix code image.

Info.png Read more: Data Matrix -



Connect data

Specify a data connection to generate the barcode information from.

Connected to external text file

Lets you toggle the data connection on/off.

Texture size

Length in pixels of the sides of the original object.

Compress size

Will apply lossy compression on the image.