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3D positioning and rotation gives the possibility to include object depth and also paves the way for coming new and spectacular effects.

3D positioning

To set 3D perspectives for an object, select it and go to the 3D tab in the Object Properties and check the Use 3D box.


3D angle
Set using the axes X, Y and Z. To the left is a small legend displaying the different axes.

3D Position
The X and Y positions are the same as the Top and Left, respectively, that can be found in the Position and Size tab. The Z lets you set a depth position. A positive value will move the object "away" from the viewport while a negative will move it "closer".
3D Rotation center
With 3D objects, the rotation center needs to be positioned in all 3 dimensions.


You can make good use of the helper tool, which allows you to align or center the rotation center in the object.

3D rotation movement

In the Movements dialog, you can set the rotation to occur around any of the 3 dimensions.


3D path

Paths can have points that are positioned and angled in 3D.