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The Video Export feature enables you to export a DISE Movie into a Windows Media Video.

You can access the video export function in DISE Composer by going to File > Export > Export to Video....

The videos will be exported using the Windows Media 9 Video codec.


Export to Video.png

Output size

Determines the output size of the video. Keep this to reasonable sizes.

Constrain Proportions

Check this to enable automatic proportional resize

Minimum frame quality

A number between 0 and 100 that determines the lowest acceptable quality.
Lower numbers means lower minimum quality.
If you get dropped frames during video export try to increase the video bitrate or decrease this value.

Buffer size

Number of seconds that the codec buffers the video in advance. Longer times means that the codec can predict movement in the video data better and thereby increase the quality of the output.


Number of frames per second in the output video.

Video bitrate

How much data storage is to be used per second of the video output. Increase this value to get higher quality and fewer dropped frames.

Max keyframe interval

Defines the maximum amount of time between two keyframes in the output video.

Movie export settings

Scene selection

Select which scenes that should be part of the video export.

Virtual screen selection

Select which part of the screen area that should be part of the video export (only applicable to multi screen setups).


Select how many times to loop the scene selection.


Displays information about how the export is progressing. Pay attention to the Dropped frames counter. If you experience a lot of dropped frames try to lower the Output size, increase the Video bitrate or lower the Minimum frame quality.


In the top right corner of the video export a watermark, in the form of a semi-transparent DISE logo, is always embedded.


  • Scheduling is not applied in Composer and is therefore not applied during video export.
  • Since the video export is not done in real time, clocks, flash objects, web pages might appear to run faster than expected.
  • Audio output is not supported.

The Video Export feature was introduced into DISE Composer version 1.6.10.