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By default, when installing DISE, the file types that belong to DISE are registered in Windows and they will have icons. Should this fail for some reason you may explicitly re-register them.

Example.png Copy and paste the following into a text file:

@echo off
for /F "tokens=3*" %%A IN ('reg query "%KEY_NAME%" /ve /reg:32') do set DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH=%%A %%B
if /i %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% equ X86 regsvr32 /s /u "%DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH%\Lib\DISEShell_32.dll" regsvr32 /s "%DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH%\Lib\DISEShell_32.dll"
if /i %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% neq X86 regsvr32 /s /u "%DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH%\Lib\DISEShell_64.dll" regsvr32 /s "%DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH%\Lib\DISEShell_64.dll"
"%DISE_INSTALLATION_PATH%\Lib\DISEExtensionHandler" /u

Next, save the file as "registerDISEFileTypes.cmd" and run it with administrator permissions.

Info.png Read more: Start a Command Prompt as an Administrator