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Slow playback

Playing a Flash file can be very processor intensive, depending on what kind of flash file it is and how much movement the flash file contains.

Playback of a flash file can also slow down the graphics card since every flash frame needs to be transferred to the graphic card memory to be displayed.

Any stuttering playback during flash playback is most likely a result of the flash playback not being able to keep up with the set frame rate.

So, what can we do about this?

  • Upgrade to the latest display drivers from your graphic card manufacturer, this may help somewhat since older drivers may not have the same performance as never ones.
  • Select to resize the flash using the Scaling option in the Flash Object to save rendering time.

Lightbulb.png Important: The technology Stage 3D that may be used by certain flash files of version 11 and later are not supported in DISE.

Not playing at all

It may be that the version installed is incompatible with the flash filter used by DISE. To install an earlier version of Flash,

Not reloading

The flash file may start correctly but as the presentation progresses it starts losing data or seemingly hangs waiting on a frame. For this case there is an option in the Flash Options tab: Force restart of flash. Ticking this box will make sure the flash is created anew every time.


Sound playback from Flash content is currently not supported.