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There are many different formats within the RSS world, meaning that a static approach to RSS parsing is problematic. By using DISE Parser we can customize a feed parsing. Shipped with DISE Parser is an RSS download example which can serve as a starting point.


  • Download, install and start Parser.
  • Select File > Import.
  • Go to the Samples directory and select the RSS.dpmodifiers file.
  • Right click on the Download the RSS Feed (XML) modifier and select Settings.
  • Write in the URL to the RSS feed that you want to process.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click Test.
  • Take a look at the output file, located in your "Public\Documents\DISE Parser" folder in a file called "rss_output.txt".


The RSS (XML) data in the feed is run through something called XSL, which is a language to extract and restructure XML data.

Info.png Read more: XSLT Tutorial - W3C

With a little knowledge about XSL you can modify the file "rss_news.xsl" to have it include images, or to change the order the fields in the feed will appear.