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DISE Keyboard Control is an application that can listen to two events: if a key were pressed on the keyboard or a button was clicked. Keyboard Control sends out multicast UDP messages (Remote Control) on the network based on the key / button activated. DISE Keyboard Control is based on and installed with the DISE Parser.


Use DISE Keyboard Control to:

  • Trigger different content based on user input.
  • Test more advanced systems by simulating messages that will be sent out from other hardware or software.
  • Intermediate between another hardware or software that can press a key instead of sending out a multicast message directly.

General Settings

General tab


Start on Windows start

Keyboard Control should start automatically when Windows starts.

Start minimized

The window should not be shown on startup. This is useful when you only listen to key presses.

Log tab


Log to file

Save log data to a log file

Max log level

The maximum message level to include in the log

Limit number of lines

Enter the maximum number of lines to store. If the number of lines is above this value old lines are removed when new are added.

Log to remote Syslog server

Enable this to send log messages to a syslog compatible log receiver. For example most Linux and Unix systems will be able to receive this data.

Syslog server IP address

IP address of syslog server.

Syslog server port

IP port of syslog server. The default value is 514.

Log to system debugger

Send log messages to the system debugger. You can watch these messages with DebugView.

Log to DISE Complete

Send log messages to DISE Complete database.

Keyboard settings


Key list

List of key listeners and their associated messages.


Add/edit a key listener by opening the Edit key dialog.


Remove the selected key listener.

Edit key dialog



Focus the press key field and press the key to use.

Key code

Manually enter the key code.


Select from a drop-down list of keys made available by Windows.

Associated data

What network message to send on key presses.

Button settings


Button list

List of button listeners and their associated messages.


Add/edit a button listener by opening the Edit button dialog.


Remove the selected button listener.

Move up/down

Move the selected button listener up/down in the list (the top button will be rendered to the top left of the main window).

Edit button dialog

DISEKeyboardControl2EditButton.png Caption

The button's text.

Associated data

What network message to send on button clicks.

Multicast settings


Multicast address & Port

The multicast IP and Port to broadcast on.

Lightbulb.png Note: The multicast IP and port must be the same as in the other applications that Keyboard Control is to send to.

Send data

When in sending mode the modifier will send the input data using multicast udp.

Lightbulb.png Note: The Receive data option is not relevant for this application.

Prefix data

Will send this data before the input data, can include an header, identity or similar.

Add DISE remote control header

Will add a DISE remote control header. Ex. "20091123160052|" before the data.

Add Base64 encoded data to XML

Instead of just adding the received data as text to the XML, we can also get it as Base64 encoded data.

Only parse tags

Will only send out information enclosed in tags.

Old version

Info.png Read more: DISE Keyboard Control