DISE 8 Release Notes

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List of improvements and new features in DISE 8

Main features

  • Create and edit templates.
  • Creating new Dise Movie from a template.
    • Simple edit of text, image and video in movie created from template.
  • Interactivity support on all objects.
    • Go to scene
    • Return to previous scene
    • Trigger line animation
    • Trigger external event
    • and more
  • Full support for DISE Control Android App
  • Text object now supports Right-To-Left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Text object also supports rendering more advanced script, like Hindi.
  • New redesigned user interface in all applications.
  • Bridge has been redesigned to give an faster and easier user experience.
  • Bridge can handle video and images directly, without using the Composer.
  • Supports communication with new DISE Server
    • Including Kickstart - quick setup feature.
  • Improved support for shared content. Either on shared folder or on SVN version control server.
  • Simple way-finding using drawn lines on image
  • Channel align & effects
  • Improved DiseContent-project management in Composer and Bridge.

Object features

  • Easy edit of Text object.
  • Text object has underline feature and quick buttons to increase or decrease font size.
  • Line animation object
  • Apply reflection (wet floor) effect on objects
  • Data matrix code generation


  • HTTP API has been enhanced with several new functions.
  • Variables now support values and can be used together with Interactivity.
  • DISE Movies features relative paths.
  • Export to SMIL and a DISE Simple format is possible.
  • Support for DISE Scripts to make some advanced effects

Version information
Composer v1.8.1.15
Bridge v1.8.1.16
Ambience v1.8.1.15
Replay v1.8.1.16
Probe v1.8.1.16
Control Center v1.8.1.12 (Replay Host v1.8.1.13)
Setup Wizard v1.8.1.12