Access a SOAP service

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To process data from a SOAP source we will use a java script to get the XML and then XSL processing to convert the information into plain text (or whatever format we want).

  1. Start by adding a Scripting modifier, right click on it and select Settings.
  2. Select the file runsoap.js as the file containing the script.
  3. Modify the runsoap.js file so that it has the correct SOAP function and parameters.
  4. Click on the ScriptModifier and then add a XSLModifier.
  5. Right click on the XSLModifier and select Settings.
  6. Select a XSL script that should be used for processing the received XML data. To help crating this kind of script it might be a good idea to first add a File read/write modifier so that you can save the output from the SOAP modifier, then you can look at the XML code and write your XSL accordingly.
  7. Add a file write modifier to the XSL to save the text output from there, and specify the output file.
  8. We are done, you are an XSL god.